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Field Guide to Child Welfare

"The Field Guide to Child Welfare is unprecedented ... it is comprehensive in scope, grounded in principle, insightful in its treatment of complex topics, pragmatic and sensible in its proposed solutions."

- David S. Liederman
Child Welfare League of America

The Field Guide to Child Welfare was written to support the education and training of child welfare professionals throughout their careers. As a text for college-level child welfare courses and field placement, it provides students with a thorough understanding of the practice of child welfare, integrated with substantial content on basic tenets of child and family development, comprehensive assessment and case planning, cultural competence, and interpersonal helping skills. The Field Guide was also designed to support and enhance inservice training for child welfare caseworkers and supervisors.

The primary strength of the Field Guide is its ability to fully integrate theory and practice. Its goal was to promote the development of a "thinking practitioner" who could rely on a sound values base, well-tested conceptual models, and a thorough knowledge of human development and behavior to inform decision making and problem solving in the diverse family situations typically encountered in child welfare practice.

The Field Guide provides in-depth coverage of the Core Competencies required for effective child welfare practice, and many competencies in specialized and related skills areas. Each of the 11 chapters and its sub-sections incorporate three distinct parts:

1. The Conceptual Framework section presents pertinent facts, theories, and conceptual models that underlie "best practice" in child welfare, and promotes the development of critical thinking through extensive discussion, by identifying inherent congruence and contradictions in the content, and by challenging readers to consider concepts in light of their preexisting knowledge and beliefs;

2. The Application section illustrates how the "best practice" standards and principles outlined in the Conceptual Framework should be implemented in the job setting. This is accomplished through the use of detailed, sequential, step-by-step descriptions of job tasks and activities, interspersed with detailed practical information.

3. Case Examples are used to demonstrate "best practice" skills in the context of direct work with families and children. All the cases describe real families from the authors' own child welfare practice experiences.
The Field Guide received the "Quality in Training Award" from the National Staff Development and Training Association (NSDTA), of the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) in December, 1998.

In a review of the Field Guide in Child Maltreatment, Journal of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC), reviewer Kenneth W. Watson stated:
"This book is a remarkable achievement. Rycus and Hughes have attempted to provide all the essential information that child welfare practitioners need in one comprehensive, accessible source, and they have succeeded."

To order the text version of the Field Guide to Child Welfare, contact the Child Welfare League of America's publications department (1-800-407-6273) or Visit their publications website

Web-based Field Guide to Child Welfare

Now, the entire text of the four volume Field Guide is available in a searchable web-based format.

Access comprehensive information about the fundamental competencies of child welfare practice online!

For more than ten years, the Field Guide to Child Welfare has been an essential practice resource for child welfare staff, caregivers, and university students.

You can purchase a subscription allowing you unlimited access for as little as $20.00 a year. Subscribers will receive all updates at no additional cost.

You may also try it out before subscribing. Click the link below and follow the "Try it Out" link to request your free 5-day trial.
Visit the web-based Field Guide to Child Welfare website

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